Topographic and geological monitoring

In the geological field, three-dimensional surveys allows to realize precise digital models to be used for surface analysis…

Photogrammetry & mobile mapping

We use systems for mobile mapping that allow us to quickly perform scans in motion, in addition to drones…

Virtual reality shows and exhibitions


Through the latest technologies such as virtual reality glasses and augmented reality applications for tablets and smartphones…

Industrial and architectural surveys

Through the use of a laser scanner, it is possible to obtain three-dimensional models that represent in every detail…

Archaeology and cultural heritage

The new 3D mapping technologies allows to detect in extremely rapid times, obtaining measurements with high precision…

3D Modelling & Video  Animations

We deal with 3D modeling and graphics for the creation of objects to be reproduced through 3D printers, video


Vigea born from the collaboration of professionals who have been working for years in the field of three-dimensional scanning and 3D modeling for topographical and geological surveys, also in the field of testing new technologies in extreme environments (drones, laser scanners and rovers for mobile mapping). We offer different types of services in the field of 3D surveys and we also deal with the realization of contents through new technologies for Virtual and Augmented Reality for shows and exhibitions.


Mostra "Virtual Underground"

5th May: we will be at the Capellini Museum in Bologna (Italy) with a virtual reality stand and with Prof. Jo De Waele from the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Bologna to show the resultsfrom our latest project in the Desert of Atacama


Corona lava tube (Lanzarote, Spain)


The Corona lava tube in the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain) is one of the largest volcanic complexes in the world. Its formation is the result of the eruptive activity dating back to about 5,000 years ago of the volcano Monte Corona, which gave rise to the formation of a volcanic tunnel over 8km long that extends from the Corona volcano to the ocean waters. Through three surveys campaigns carried out between February and November 2017, we realized the three-dimensional survey with laser scanners of all the accessible parts of this impressive lava tube.


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