Cenote Abyss – Italian Dolomites

There are places that are able to convey a particular charm due not only to their natural and impressive beauty, but also thanks to the history that brought them to light.
The Cenote of the Dolomiti is one of those places, a deep abyss that develops between ice and rock for a depth of almost 300 m, come to light following the natural emptying of a lake at an altitude of 2940 m s.l.m. between the Piz Conturines and Cima Lavarella, in the Park of Fanes Sennes and Braises (Dolomiti Ampezzane).
As part of this project, through the surveys carried out with laser scanner and drone, we surveyed the most important parts of this abyss, with the aim of carrying out a monitoring project to study the glacial deposit inside the deepest part of this cave. The activities carried out during the expeditions in 2015 and 2016 have been documented by the journalist Lars Abromeit and the photographer Robbie Shone who published an article for GEO Magazine, while the scientific activities have been carried out in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna and Innsbruck.


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