The Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco is certainly one of the most evocative and fascinating places in the city of Venice. The central tower of this building was built by the architect Mauro Codussi between 1496 and 1499, it includes the clock composed of a gold and light blue enamel dial that marks the time, day, moon phases and zodiac. The building is also characterized by the presence of the Moors of Venice placed on the top of the Tower. The two statues mark the hours by striking the bell with a very specific method and by two hammers not visible from the square.

As part of the HYPERION research project and in collaboration with the University of Padua, we have carried out the three-dimensional survey with laser scanning instrumentation of the exterior of this building. To carry out some scans from particular positions we used some Scan & Go supports, for example to make scans from heights greater than 6m or from balconies.

Vigea rilievo Piazza San Marco VE

Vigea rilievo Piazza San Marco VE

Unlike the tools generally used for classic topographic surveys, the laser scanner allows to acquire much more information that can subsequently be used for different purposes, such as for the creation of interactive databases. The data is commonly processed in a CAD environment to create 2D plans and profiles and three-dimensional models. Furthermore, open source software and applications make it possible to manage the data obtained more and more easily and thanks to new technologies such as virtual reality viewers it is possible to interact directly through 3D models even without special computer knowledge.

Torre dell’Orologio, Venezia


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