The Scerscen Valley is located at the foot of the majestic Bernina group in the western Rhaetian Alps, in a scenario of great natural beauty where several caves have been rediscovered for some years and have immediately highlighted very important characteristics from a scientific point of view.

The objective of this project is to support the scientific research carried out by the Universities of Bologna, Nice and Haute-Savoie, which also include the construction of three-dimensional reliefs, monitoring of the caves and the preparation of a virtual museum at the Municipality of Lanzada.

Thanks to the support of the Municipality of Lanzada and the Rotary Club of Sondrio and the collaboration with Leica geosystems Italia, as part of this project we tested for the first time in hypogeal the Pegasus Backpack instruments and the new BLK360 laser to realize three-dimensional reliefs of the most interesting caves for ongoing studies. We also made a film that was presented during the final awarding event of the Sondrio Film Fesival 2017 and interactive models that will be used for the preparation of a virtual museum and for the reproduction through 3D printers of the caves detected.


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