Archaeological excavation – Faenza (italy)

(Faenza, Emilia Romagna)

The Romagnola Gypsum Vein is a very well known area in Emilia Romagna (North Italy) for it’s archaeological history due to the presence of many sites for the extraction of gypsum and other natural resources present in this territory and very well known for centuries.
Since its discovery, the archaeological site of Cà Castellina is bringing to light new evidence related to the processes of extraction of gypsum in this area, thanks to a great work done by volunteers and professionals coordinated by the Superintendency of Ravenna and the University of Bologna.
Through the photogrammetric and laser scanning surveys that we have performed on this archaeological site, we are now able to study every detail and give way to anyone, especially the researchers involved in this project, to virtually observe the results that have been brought in light until today.


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